Pantry Picks® Membership Gift

$29.95 / month

As an exclusive member of Pantry Picks® arriving every month will be:

  • Each month you receive two hand-selected rotation of pantry staples and unique non-perishable delicacies right to your door.
  • The Padded Pantry® newsletter, will introduce you to new and unique recipes, tips and kitchen hacks along with ideas to enhance your culinary journey.
  • Fun and Easy Kitchen Hacks and tips to simplify your culinary life.
  • Recipes and Pairing suggestions for highlighted monthly Pantry Picks.®
  • Videos of fun unique and different ways to utilize your Pantry Picks.®
  • Advanced release notification of all new items that we introduce to the market, with the option of purchasing at your members-only discounted price before anyone else even knows it is available.
  • 15% discount on any products available on the Pantry Picks® shelves, through a discount code provided with the subscription.
  • Exclusive access to other creative concoctions that we dream up in our kitchen.
  • Members-only private Facebook Group where we will share recipes, ideas, questions, culinary success stories with others in the community as well as myself and my team.


GIFT the Pantry Picks Pantry Membership to the Foodie in your life, subscriptions for $29.95 per month.